Jump Technologies, Inc. announced that its long-time partner, Red Cheetah Software, is now offering JumpTrack proof-of-delivery technology to the Red Cheetah user community. JumpTrack is the iPhone and Android mobile proof-of-delivery system designed to reduce the costs and hassles associated with dealer or distributor delivery operations. The proof-of-delivery system is being added to Red Cheetah's suite of business resources within Guided Partner Services (GPS). The integration allows dealers to pull Red Cheetah manifest data and populate JumpTech's cloud-based servers. Dealers' customers can use the JumpTech portal to track orders and deliveries online.


"JumpTrack offers a huge advantage to our rapidly expanding roster of independent office products dealers," said Andrew Morgan, CEO of Red Cheetah. "To stay competitive, our customers are looking for a simple proof-of-delivery system that also has a low entry-cost. JumpTrack delivers that, while expediting customer payments and cutting support costs by up to 80 percent."

JumpTrack leverages popular smartphones and tablets, enabling delivery drivers and service personnel to capture end-user signatures electronically rather than on paper, with upfront hardware costs that are a small fraction of legacy terminal solutions. No more taking phone calls, searching for paper signatures and faxing them to customers. Proof-of-delivery information is available to customer service personnel and the customer almost instantly via the JumpTrack portal.

JumpTech recently reported a significant spike in the adoption of JumpTrack among some of North America's largest dealers of office supplies. While JumpTrack is easy-to-use and seamlessly compatible across multiple mobile operating systems, it's also very affordable - starting as low as $49 per truck per month - making it accessible to virtually any size dealer.

"Red Cheetah has long been a respected partner of ours and a trusted friend to independent dealers of office supplies," stated John Freund, CEO of Jump Technologies. "We couldn't be happier about the evolution of our partnership, and the opportunity to bring this powerful and affordable mobile proof-of-delivery innovation to Red Cheetah customers."

Jump Technologies is a developer of cloud-based mobile solutions for replenishment, inventory management, and proof-of-delivery for supplies and parts distributors and dealers. Both JumpTech and Red Cheetah specialize in technology solutions for dealers and distributors of office products, industrial and business supplies. The companies' partnership dates back almost a decade, when Red Cheetah first integrated JumpCartTM, JumpTech's cloud-based inventory management and replenishment tool, with Red Cheetah's e-commerce platform.