GreenRoad, a driver performance and safety management company,  announced a new driver recognition program called "GreenRoad Fleet Elite" designed to recognize the best fleet drivers on the road, and provide internal motivation and recognition for best driver performance.  GreenRoad also today announced its new website at, and a new blog featuring driver performance and safety management insights and news from GreenRoad executives and other industry contributors.

The new GreenRoad Fleet Elite program will run on an annual basis and will honor GreenRoad drivers who have demonstrated sustained excellence in driving performance and safety. Those drivers will be awarded GreenRoad Fleet Elite status and will be recognized with a formal certificate of achievement.

"The new GreenRoad Fleet Elite program is part of our overall driver-centric philosophy at GreenRoad," said Karen White, vice president of product marketing. "We know that recognition, and particularly peer-to-peer recognition, is a powerful incentive for performance improvement."

"This is also a terrific way for fleet owners, operators and safety managers to leverage the online GreenRoad data. This takes our already popular 'driving green' scoring system to the next level," continued White.

GreenRoad will set the criteria for GreenRoad Fleet Elite membership at the beginning of each year. For 2012, drivers qualify for GreenRoad Fleet Elite status if they have a safety score of 5 or less for the full 2012 calendar year.

GreenRoad Enhances Website, Social Media Outreach & Launches New Blog

The new global website features a video tour of GreenRoad in action and an all-new ROI calculator for better understanding of savings.

Also new to the website is the integrated GreenRoad blog. The blog provides topical industry insight and comment from a combination of GreenRoad internal experts and other in the field such as partners, customers and others. The blog is available through email sign-up by going here.

GreenRoad also expanded its social media reach with updates to its Twitter account, available to follow @greenroadnews, its LinkedIn page, and its new Facebook page.