POWAY, CA - Mitchell 1's video on its forthcoming ProDemand information product, now available for viewing on YouTube, shows the Mitchell 1 product management team discussing the many features and benefits of the new software program as well as the design thinking and user input that went into developing it.


"The technician's job is to get the car back on the road as quickly as possible and with ProDemand, we've made that easier for them," said Kristy LaPage, product manager, ProDemand. "Instead of spending 20 minutes, 30 minutes, potentially hours looking through pages and pages of repair information, ProDemand gives information to the technician in just a couple of steps. In a few simple clicks, in 30 seconds or less, the technician has all of the repair information he needs."

ProDemand delivers accurate repair information to help automotive technicians complete their repair jobs faster, easier and smarter, without the need for further research. ProDemand  is concise, providing only the descriptions, procedures, specifications and diagrams that technicians need, so they don't have to spend their valuable time sorting through volumes of information to find the one necessary item. Subscribers can also contribute to and use information from the thousands of other technicians that are using the product, making it even more pertinent and valuable to everyone.

"The information that Mitchell 1 has collected over the past nine decades, combined with the experience to go with it, allows ProDemand to present repair, diagnostic and maintenance information in a consistent, easy-to-understand format," said Gary Hixson, ProDemand product manager. "Returning all of the relevant findings quickly will save time because technicians won't have to conduct multiple look-ups to find what they need to complete the job."

"Instead of looking through old, antiquated and out-of-date service manuals to try to find what they're looking for, ProDemand's whole concept is built on just giving the needed information to the technician," said Scott DeGiorgio, general manager, Mitchell 1 Repair Information. "This is an exciting product that will make productivity so much better in the repair shop because technicians are going to get information in seconds where it took 15 to 30 minutes before to find the information they needed. We're excited about what ProDemand will bring to the marketplace."

Key features of Mitchell 1's new ProDemand include:

Repair Module

ProDemand brings back all of the related information to a component look-up in one click. As soon as the technician begins typing, ProDemand generates a list of components to choose from. ProDemand intelligently returns only the information that is needed for the specific repair so technicians don't have to search for the appropriate information in pages upon pages of results. The repair module includes all procedures, specifications, locations and diagrams relevant to the component or phrase that the technician is searching for.

Diagnostics Module

Before the technician is even finished typing a code, ProDemand generates a list of the most likely diagnostic trouble codes (DTC); no more typing full numbers or scanning long lists. Click the code and ProDemand takes users directly to the relevant test procedures, components, wiring diagrams and specifications.

Maintenance Module

Enter the vehicle mileage, answer a couple of questions and ProDemand generates a list of required maintenance items, along with OEM-recommended services, with links to repair procedures and specifications for every maintenance item, automatically. ProDemand even merges mileage services and indicated services into one list and features a Lifetime Services view so technicians can see what's upcoming. In ProDemand, fluid specifications and capacities are one click away, saving even more time.

Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs)

ProDemand includes related TSBs for the vehicle in a pop-up alert menu alongside the information look-up with no separate navigation. Technicians can clearly see if any TSB for the vehicle is applicable, with direct access to recommended procedures just one click away.

Community Module

With ProDemand, get access to thousands of other users and their insightful tips, workarounds, and troubleshooting successes, with top/most relevant tips highlighted right next to ProDemand data. Users can search the forum by keyword, component, procedure or any number of variables. Users can also ask questions and receive responses as well as share their own tips with the community.

Wiring Diagrams

Mitchell 1 wiring diagrams are created in scalable vector graphics (SVG) - not scanned from the OEM's printed manual, which means they remain sharp at any enlargement. Because they are drawn to a consistent template, technicians will always know how to read them and where to look for specific components.

Common Naming Convention

ProDemand uses a common naming convention for all components so that technicians only have to type one name, any name, and ProDemand cross references other component names for the same part. No more guessing how a particular OEM labels their components; ProDemand knows them all.

Vintage Information

For those situations when only the service manual contains the essential information, Mitchell 1 included OEM manuals for every vehicle that technicians are likely to ever see. Users have access to wiring diagrams, engine mechanical and engine performance articles going back to 1960.

For more information on ProDemand, visit www.prosdemandit.com.