HUNTSVILLE, AL - LINE-X Protective Coatings, the nation's leading developer and provider of high performance protective coatings, has "officially" been confirmed as the ultimate protection against C-4 live-fire explosions and police dog attacks. In a series of tests, LINE-X was chosen as the protective coating of choice by the team of scientists at the Discovery Channel's "MythBusters" lab. "MythBusters" is a hit television series based on a collection of experiments conducted by a team of five scientists who take so-called "myths" and put them through extensive real-world tests to either prove or disprove their validity.

"The 'MythBusters' opportunity was unique in that the Discovery Channel came to us in response to huge consumer feedback about the amazing durability of LINE-X products. While we've been making substantial contributions to the protective coatings industry with product applications in residential, commercial, light industrial and other extreme environments, people are still shocked and amazed by the extraordinary bomb blast mitigation and protections LINE-X products provide," said Kevin Heronimus, LINE-X CEO. "While our scientists and engineers are constantly working to improve and strengthen our products, we have many current applications in surprising places - the U.S. Pentagon, military vehicles and watercrafts, municipal bridges, garage floors and many more."

During the 60-minute episode, LINE-X products were featured in three real-world scenarios, all suggested and requested by fans of the LINE-X brand on the "MythBusters" website. The "MythBusters" crew chose to enact three trials: "Bedliner vs. Attack Dog", "Bedliner vs. Car Crash" and "Bedliner vs. Explosion". In the first trial, LINE-X was sprayed onto a quilted jacket. After curing, it was then worn in a simulated attack by a professionally trained police dog. The dog instantly attacked the arm of the LINE-X coated jacket; however, his sharp canine teeth were unable to pierce the strong LINE-X Protective Coatings, even with repeated attempts to latch on. The dog then attacked the unprotected leg of the attack suit and was able to quickly pull the "MythBuster" to the ground. With this astonishing result, LINE-X was confirmed to withstand even the most violent and targeted attacks by an animal.

The second trial was a simulated car accident, and it is important to note that although LINE-X is well-known to protect truck beds from exposure to harsh chemicals, impact and extreme use, it has never been recommended as accident prevention protection. With one half of a crash-test car sprayed with LINE-X from front to back fender, the other half of the car remained unsprayed and unprotected. At low speeds, the LINE-X half of the vehicle did suffer fewer bumps, scratches and dents than the unprotected side. However, at high speeds, both sides of the vehicle were badly damaged in a collision. With these results, this myth was labeled as "busted", yet LINE-X was proven successful in minimizing contact damage and minor abrasions as result of the low speed impact.

The third and most exciting trial was exposing LINE-X to a controlled C-4 explosion, measuring both the durability of wood and cement block walls when sprayed with LINE-X Protective Coatings. In order to best compare the experiments' results, each blast had a control measure - two identical, yet unprotected wood and cement block walls - in which the LINE-X coated walls were to be compared. Once the dust from the explosions settled, the unprotected wood wall literally crumbed, the LINE-X coated wall stood tall, with only scorch marks to show for the major explosion. In the second set of explosions, the unprotected cement wall also suffered catastrophic damage, and again, the LINE-X coated wall completely withstood impact and suffered only a few spots of discoloration due to the blast.

LINE-X was honored to be selected to showcase the astonishing durability of its extensive product line of protective coatings. With endless applications for automotive, residential, light industrial, commercial and military projects, LINE-X Protective Coatings is the best way to defend against the harshest elements and most extreme environments. "MythBusters" airs on the Discovery Channel network; check your local listings for more information. "Like" LINE-X on Facebook and follow LINE-X on Twitter for more information about unique product applications and other exciting LINE-X news.

Available throughout the company's network of over 500 professional, franchised centers in over 46 countries, LINE-X continues to lead the marketplace with innovative products that provide unique solutions to customers. With recent awards from Frost & Sullivan and a 2011 Innovation Award from the Center for the Polyurethanes Industry, LINE-X Protective Coatings is committed to leading industries that utilize spray-on applications. LINE-X products are tested for strength and protection both in the laboratory and in harsh, real-world conditions to ensure the highest levels of durability. For more information about LINE-X products, applications and dealer locations, visit LINE-X online at