FULLERTON, CA - Yokohama Tire Corporation's consumer-friendly educational video series - "Tire Tips" - is back with a new installment focusing on smart buying tips for tires in a tough economy. The video offers cost-saving advice that includes when consumers should replace tires, how many tires at a time and what to consider in selecting an appropriate replacement.

"In these challenging times, people are trying their best to remain conservative with their spending, and part of that effort is to extend the life of their vehicle's tire as much as possible," said Fred Koplin, Yokohama director of marketing communications. "At some point however, replacing the tires becomes necessary and the video walks the consumers through what to think about when that time comes." 

The video, posted at http://www.youtube.com/yokohamamotorsports#p/search/6/gQFQRQgTpik, is the sixth edition in the series that began in 2010. Other videos in the series include Fuel Efficiency; Choosing between Summer, All-Season and Winter Tires; Choosing the Right Tire for Your Truck; How To Read a Tire's Sidewall and How to Keep Tires Properly Inflated.  All are accessible on Yokohama Tire's YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/yokohamamotorsports.