BARTLETT, IL - Auto Truck Group, through it's Fort Worth, Texas facility, has been awarded ship thru for Toyota Tundra and Tacoma. 

"We're excited about the opportunity to offer ship thru to our customers that use Toyota trucks," said Dennis Jones, VP Sales and Marketing.

When fleets order their new Tundra or Tacoma and use shipping code 9B their vehicles will be sent directly to Auto Truck Group's facility for upfitting. "Quality, consistency and cost-effective delivery are the main reasons a fleet would want to use ship thru," says Jones. 

Ship thru upfits can include items such as: truck tool boxes, strobe lights, truck caps, hitches, GPS systems, mobile radios and decals. Once the upfitting is complete, the vehicles will be returned to the factory to be entered into Toyota's transportation system to the end destination.

Auto Truck Group also has ship thru services with other major truck manufacturers.