CHARLOTTE, NC - Fontaine Modification Company, a provider of truck modification services for OEMs, dealers, and fleets throughout North America, has redesigned and updated its website, Nearly 100 photos, including numerous "before and after" examples of truck modifications, now demonstrate the company's comprehensive range of services.

The new website also offers detailed information regarding Fontaine's technical solutions to support a wide variety of truck modifications and fleet services, including:

  • Engineering Services
  • Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) Installations
  • All Wheel/Four Wheel Drive Installations
  • Steering Conversions
    • Stand Up Right Drive (SURD)
    • Sit Down Dual Drive (SDDD)
  • Alternative Fuel System Installations
  • Paint Services
  • Chassis and Cab Modifications.

"The new website much more accurately depicts who we are as a company and what we do for our customers," explains Will Trantham, president. "We take great pride in our innovative solutions, excellence in engineering and superior workmanship, as well as our company history and industry insight. That experience and dedication comes through clearly in the new site, which has also been designed to improve ease-of-use for our customers."

The website highlights Fontaine's unique Innovation Model and includes an in-depth summary of how the company designs and develops effective engineering solutions that meet safety and regulatory standards for its customers. In addition, the site provides an at-a-glance view of available modifications for specific truck models from several OEMs.

Other website features include:

  • A history of Fontaine's 30 years of truck modification experience.
  • A pressroom offering the latest company news, announcements and media coverage.
  • Contact information and site details for each of Fontaine's six strategically located modification centers.
  • Technical support opportunities to "Ask a Question" or "Request a Quote".

For more information about Fontaine Modification, call 800.FONTAINE (800.366.8246) or visit