MENTOR, OHIO - Terresolve Technologies, a producer of environmentally safe lubricants and functional fluids, announced the launch of EnviroLogic 115, an ISO 15 grade readily biodegradable hydraulic fluid based on unique biodegradable, low-temperature base oil technologies and is a direct replacement for synthetic-based arctic hydraulic fluids.  EnviroLogic 115 is designed to withstand an extremely broad range of temperatures in excess of 200° F and in cold temperature to -60°F.

EnviroLogic 115 is non-conductive and designed for use in equipment that may be operating near high voltage, which provides safety to the machinery and its crew members. The fluid also offers high anti-wear performance, excellent water separation, superior corrosion and rust protection as well as low foaming and air release characteristics. EnviroLogic 115 will meet or exceed the performance of conventional hydraulic fluids and meets the requirements of virtually all major pump and equipment manufacturers.

"The launch of EnviroLogic 115 is a testament to our incredible R&D team at Terresolve," said Mark Miller, CEO of Terresolve Technologies. "Our technical team continues to push the limits of our biobased and biodegradable fluids without compromising performance. This fluid is geared perfectly for extreme temperatures and due to its non-conductive properties, EnviroLogic 115 is especially well-suited for lift trucks and equipment carriers utilizing piloted controls."

EnviroLogic 115 is readily biodegradable, which means if spilled or leaked during use it will break down within 28 days into the safe, natural components of carbon dioxide and water. This protects delicate environments from incurring lasting damage, and lowers the risk a company will be exposed to environmental fines and clean-up costs associated with the spill.

For over 15 years, Terresolve has serviced a variety of industries with environmentally safe alternatives to petroleum products. Today, as more companies explore environmentally preferable products for a variety of applications, operators can trust in Terresolve's products as fluids that not only protect the environment but are also proven to outperform the toxic oils and lubricants on the market.