NexTraq, a GPS fleet tracking and vehicle management solutions company, announced Sept. 20 that its client, Lifeguard Ambulance Service, increased fleet productivity by 10 percent using the NexTraq Fleet Dispatch application. Lifeguard Ambulance Service provides full-service ground operations throughout the Southeast of the U.S., as well as Costa Rica.

The NexTraq Fleet Tracking platform enables the organization to quickly respond to patients, clients and employees in emergency situations. “It’s a life or death business; there is no room for error,” says Brett Jovanovich, COO for Lifeguard Ambulance Service.

NexTraq’s Fleet Dispatch application enables Lifeguard’s ambulance crews to take the shortest or most direct route to a call or hospital. Due to its expansive region, Fleet Dispatch also helps drivers on out-of-town trips when they are transporting patients in unfamiliar areas.

Jovanovich states that with a national contract with the federal government, the NexTraq Fleet Tracking platform is essential when responding to emergency situations. In one such instance, Lifeguard Ambulance Service was part of a collective effort to evacuate more than 7,000 patients from the Coney Island area to a New York area hospital in a mission that took more than 80 hours of labor.

Jeff Waid, director of communication and quality improvement of Lifeguard Ambulance Service, also relates the story about sending vehicles into the aftermath of tornadoes that affected Birmingham and Tuscaloosa. “With the incredible damage done to the cities and road signs, points of references had been decimated,” he says. “The NexTraq Fleet Tracking platform helped our team to navigate safely to emergency locations to provide life-saving care.”