INDIANAPOLIS - Aero Industries, a manufacturer in tarping systems and trailer accessories, announces Jeff Boyd as the new Flatbed Products Manager, a new position at Aero. Previously the National Account Manager for the Conestoga 2, Boyd has more than 12 years of experience working with Aero Industries.

In his new role, Boyd will manage the sales and marketing of flatbed related products such as the Conestoga 2, side kits, boxes and bulkheads, giving him the opportunity to expand his efforts and expertise to an entire line of Aero Industries products.

"Jeff Boyd has an outstanding base knowledge of the Conestoga 2 because of his experience as the National Account Manager for the product, which will certainly help him in his new position," said Jim Tuerk, Chief Executive Officer of Aero Industries. "He also is great with customer service, really listening and understanding the customer and their needs. His new role is a great opportunity for him, the company as a whole, and our customers."

By teaming with the multiple divisions of Aero Industries, Boyd will focus on finding ways to better meet customers' needs and desires. These efforts now include free delivery of the pre-assembled Conestoga 2 to anywhere within 350 miles of Indianapolis. Product experts provide the delivery and installation and additional training is available upon request.

"I am looking forward to working with marketing to find new insight, manufacturing to streamline the process, and engineering to continue improving the products," said Boyd. "We have many great products for drivers in our industry, like the Conestoga 2, and I am ready to work hand in hand to continue making these products better, easier to use and more cost effective."