ORLANDO, FL - BrightFleet.com, a hazard perception evaluation and risk mitigation website, published a white paper "15-Passenger Van Safety," describing the inherent safety hazards associated with 15-passenger vans and how drivers can mitigate the risk of a collision with the proper preparation and training.

Safety issues are always a concern when it comes to any automobile; however, some automobiles pose an even greater risk for safety issues than others. The 15-passenger van - widely used by church groups, after school programs, nursing homes, airport shuttle services and even the US Army - has been the subject of many studies over the years. It has been scrutinized and closely examined for its safety issues and its ability to handle certain situations and road conditions. Due to its design, it has been deemed one of the most unstable; most dangerous vehicles on the road.

Interestingly, 15-passenger vans do not require that a driver carry a commercial driver's license; however, buses designed to carry 16 passengers or more do. Despite not needing a CDL to operate a 15-passenger van, drivers should still be properly trained with the 15-passenger van. They should still be required to take the proper courses regarding safety issues, preferably course that are specifically tailored to safe operation of 15-passenger vans, how they perform in emergencies, and how to handle them.

"15-Passenger Van Safety" is intended to assist fleet owners in understanding the dynamics of the 15-passenger van, and what makes it a greater risk than most vehicles for collisions and rollovers. Passenger vans carry the most precious cargo of all - people, and therefore, only persons who have been properly trained should get behind the wheel.

Covered in this white paper is a description of the passenger van, safety issues associated with driving and riding in a passenger van, passenger van maintenance, types of training programs available for drivers and owners of passenger vans, as well as several tragic case studies of road incidents that could have been avoided with adequate training.

Read "15-Passenger Van Safety" by visiting http://www.brightfleet.com/whitepapers/15-passenger-van-safety-white-paper/

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