BRENTWOOD, TN - Comdata Corporation launches a new set of regulatory compliance solutions that focus on the health of the truck drivers. Comdata's introduces a Sleep Apnea Disease Management and Fatigue Prevention Solution offering a unique program for transportation companies to increase driver safety, while decreasing employer liability and healthcare costs.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), 28 percent of all truck drivers suffer from mild to severe sleep apnea, and those drivers with severe sleep apnea have a 460 percent greater chance of being involved in a severe accident over a seven-year period. Comdata's Sleep Apnea Disease Management and Fatigue Prevention Solutions allow companies to create a customized sleep healthcare program that addresses sleep disorders for their drivers, thereby improving driver safety and reducing company costs. Comdata's sleep healthcare solutions include companywide screenings, nationwide scheduling, single-night testing, immediate diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders, as well as driver compliance reporting.

"Regulatory compliance programs continue to broaden, especially as safety regulations evolve to include health-related criteria for drivers," says Steve Stevenson, Comdata president. "Our customers rely on us for innovative programs that meet their expanding needs, and our new sleep healthcare solutions deliver timely, relevant programs that add measurable value to their business."

These new sleep healthcare solutions are integrated into Comdata's full suite of regulatory compliance solutions, which includes permits, pilot cars, driver log auditing, and fuel tax reporting. Comdata's Sleep Apnea Disease Management and Fatigue Prevention Solutions will be administered by Sleep Access, a leader in providing health and wellness platforms for the transportation industry.

"Focusing on sleep healthcare makes roadways safer, drivers healthier, and companies more efficient," says Evan Bledsoe, Sleep Access executive vice president. "Comdata and Sleep Access share a similar commitment to serving the transportation industry, and we look forward to collaborating with Comdata to deliver these solutions."

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