DETROIT – Chevrolet has created a micro-site that features content focused on improving fuel economy. The articles on the site provide tips for drivers, profiles of fuel-efficient Chevrolet vehicles, and explanations and videos on the fuel-saving technologies used in those vehicles.

In one of the latest articles on the site, Chevrolet had two General Motors engineers, Ann Wenzlick and Beth Nunning, drive identical Chevrolet Cruze models and compare fuel economy performance. Each woman drove their Cruze for 20 minutes in city and highway traffic and stopped for coffee, simulating typical driving conditions. The Cruze gets an EPA estimated 24 mpg city, and 36 mpg highway. Wenzlick used fuel-efficient driving techniques and Nunning didn’t bother with any “eco-driving” techniques and ignored scheduled maintenance. Wenzlick achieved 37 mpg, Nunning only 21.

“Ann and Beth’s results support data from OnStar that shows the fuel economy of drivers in identical cars can vary by 75 percent,” said Roger Clark, manager of the GM Energy Center. “With a well-maintained car, the best drivers get up to 25 percent more miles per gallon than average. When you combine a poorly maintained car with inefficient driving habits, the fuel economy of the worst drivers can be 50 percent below average."

In addition to articles that provide info on fuel economy, the site also features videos and photos of Chevrolet technologies to help illustrate the concepts explained in the articles on the site.

You can check out the new Chevrolet micro-site, Saving Fuel With Chevrolet, here.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet