COLUMBUS, OH - More than seven in 10 fleets surveyed for the Q2 2011 Fleet Sentiment Report indicate that the shortage of drivers is either impacting their fleet now or may in the future, according to a report by CK Commercial Vehicle Research (CKCVR).

Forty-two (42) percent see a problem today with current seats empty, limits on the number of new units they can add for new capacity, or by the necessity to re-deploy their fleet to more short haul/regional routes. Another 32 percent currently unaffected believe the shortage of this resource could impact their fleet in the future.

The Fleet Sentiment Report Buying Index fell in Q2 2011 to a reading of 90.5. However, the reading simply measures the number of survey respondents who plan to place orders in the next three months; supplemental information collected regarding the size of orders and fleets planning them point to continued strong demand for medium/heavy duty power units and trailers. 

CKCVR regularly polls a group of small, medium, and large for-hire, private and government fleet operators about their equipment purchasing plans and overall fleet environment. The quarterly Fleet Sentiment survey includes questions about short and longer term equipment buying plans, preferred OEM, new specs, current fleet capacity vs. freight demand, equipment utilization rates including the percentage of parked vehicles, 2010 emission engine choices, the impact of a driver shortage, and a product discussion.