OAK CREEK, WI - Master Lock announced that it has formed a partnership with Mike Rowe, creator and host of Discovery Channel's popular program, Dirty Jobs, and founder of mikeroweWORKS. Through Mike's mission of raising respect and appreciation for skilled labor, coupled with Master Lock's commitment to providing innovative security solutions, the partnership will help raise awareness for both. To launch the partnership, Master Lock also announced that it is making a substantial donation to the mikeroweWORKS Foundation. The donation will support technical education scholarships and assistance to schools and institutes providing a technical curriculum.

Rowe, who calls himself a perpetual apprentice, has performed more than 300 of the dirtiest jobs throughout the country during the first five seasons of his hit show, Dirty Jobs. "Getting involved with the hard working men and women who make civilized existence possible has been an incredible experience, and provided the inspiration for my mission at mikeroweWORKS," said Rowe. "This partnership with Master Lock will allow us to raise the level of awareness for the growing skills gap in America."

In May 2011, Master Lock will launch a new line of security products designed to protect tools and equipment in the cargo area of pickup trucks and vans, especially those that are used for work. Rowe will act as the spokesman for this new product line. "With his strong connection to men and women working in the trades, we are excited to have Mike's support and participation in this important new security category," said Sherri Beachey, Master Lock Product Manager. "In addition, we are very proud to support Mike's mission and vision at mikeroweWORKS," she added.  For more information on the Master Lock and Mike Rowe partnership, go to www.Masterlocktruck.com