SANTA PAULA, CA - BendPak's all-new HDS-35PX is designed specifically for parking and storing large, heavy vehicle fleets, the HDS-35PX features a 35,000-lb. lifting capacity and a maximum lifting height of nearly 15 feet. Other uses include RV storage, truck rental, government, and utility vehicle parking.

Save money stacking huge busses and trucks safely on top of each other and by taking advantage of formerly wasted overhead space. Businesses can get even more out of their otherwise limited parking real-estate by ganging multiple lifts side by side. In this custom configuration, every two lifts share a pair of columns, increasing the overall parking capacity by up to 75%. That makes the HDS-35PX fleet lift from BendPak the best-in-class space-saving parking lift available. The HDS-35PX also works great indoors or outdoors, so it's the perfect logistics solution for any fleet parking challenge.

Visit the BendPak website for a full list of HDS models in different weight capacities and dimensions.