EDEN PRAIRIE, MN - GE Capital Fleet Services announced it will provide its telematics-based Mobile Resource Intelligence program to Raymond Handling Concepts, a provider of high-density storage and order-picking systems used in warehousing and distribution. The company will use the Intelligence Ops solution, an integrated business intelligence solution for operations and sales leaders, which drives significant profitability improvements through more efficient mobile operations. 

Al Silar, vice president of operations at Raymond Handling Concepts, said, "GE's telematics solution provides us with a sustainable competitive advantage.  By evaluating information tailored specifically to our needs, we are better able to manage and deploy our field technicians, resulting in faster response times and less equipment downtime for all of our customers." 

Headquartered in Fremont, California, Raymond Handling Concepts was established in 1987 and operates seven, fully staffed offices in Northern California, the Pacific Northwest and Nevada regions.

GE's Mobile Resource Intelligence program offers clients a suite of telematics-based business intelligence solutions.  The program is designed to provide business leaders with innovative decision-making tools to help them achieve their fleet productivity, efficiency, compliance, safety and green objectives. 

"Raymond Handling sets a great example for organizations that want to improve decision-making and operational effectiveness with the use of telematics-based business intelligence solutions," said Dyan Finkhousen, mobile resource intelligence strategy leader for GE Capital Fleet Services.  "We specialize in delivering the latest and most accurate mobile operations management tools to help customers identify significant cost savings and revenue opportunities."