ANNANDALE, NJ -Ingersoll Rand, a global automotive and industrial tools and equipment company, launched the new 2015MAX and 2025MAX Hammerhead low-profile Impactools.

The tool is designed for optimal performance, even in extremely confined spaces. With the power and speed of an impact and the reach of a ratchet, the Hammerhead continues the MAX tradition of offering air tools that provide professional technicians with best-in-class performance coupled with innovative features to deliver maximum power, control and access. With a head-height less than 2 inches, 180 ft-lb of max torque and 7,100 rpm of speed, the Hammerhead offers the power of an impact, and all the capabilities of a ratchet, with more than twice the power of the leading competitor's.

"With the introduction of the Hammerhead, the combination of maximum power, control and access now allows technicians to use an Ingersoll Rand Impactool for virtually any application," said Adam Brown, global portfolio manager at Ingersoll Rand. "Technicians will be able to accomplish tasks in minutes that once would have taken hours. This is a revolutionary product that is unlike any other on the market, and it will truly change the way people work."

In addition to this combination of access and power, the Hammerhead also features a conveniently located forward/reverse collar, providing unrestricted access to easily  change the direction of the tool in tight spaces, where traditional tools frequently get jammed. Knuckle-saver reactionless torque eliminates kickback, and further protects technicians' hands while working in confined spaces.

The 2015MAX and 2025MAX Hammerhead low-profile Impactools also feature a two-position power regulator and feather-touch trigger, which provide maximum control in even the most demanding of applications.

The Hammerhead is scheduled for availability in July 2010, and will be available in ⅜-inch and ½-inch drive (2015MAX, and 2025MAX, respectively). For more information about the Ingersoll Rand Hammerhead lowprofile Impactool, visit your local tool professional, call (800) 866-5457 or go to