MINNEAPOLIS - XATA Corporation, a fleet optimization software and services company, announced Van Kam Freightways is now using the XATA Speed Management solution, which hit the market in early June. Van Kam is a Canadian-based freight carrier that provides transportation services to locations in Canada and the continental United States.

XATA Speed Management empowers fleet managers to create and enforce a freight environment that promotes safe driving through monitoring driver speeding patterns and analyzing other unsafe driver behaviors.  XATA Speed Management, powered by SpeedGauge, provides speed-by-road exception reports that give fleet managers information on exactly how fast drivers are driving versus posted speed limits. Additionally, the XATAScope portion of XATA Speed Management provides second-by-second vehicle speed data, anytime and at any location.

XATA Speed Management is integrated with the XATANET solution, which Van Kam is using to gain insight on its fleet's overall operational performance. With XATA Speed Management, Van Kam aims to reduce or eliminate speeding infractions by its drivers and to increase the safety of its fleet.

"Safety is a top priority at Van Kam, and XATA Speed Management gives us the tools to ensure that we're doing all we can to coach our drivers and run a safe fleet," said Wayne Dubeau, director of safety and compliance, Van Kam Freightways. "Most road accidents out there are due to speeding, and XATA Speed Management is helping us ensure that our drivers remain safe and within traffic laws."

XATA Speed Management is also beneficial to fleets working to comply with CSA 2010, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) initiative aimed at improving vehicle safety. XATA Speed Management's predictive tools can be used to improve a fleet's overall safety rating by preventing speeding violations.

"Speed Management provides a huge benefit to companies looking to run a safe, efficient and compliant fleet," said Christian Schenk, vice president, product marketing, XATA Corporation." Van Kam is already reaping the benefits of having detailed speed data, which saves money by reducing costs associated with accidents, maintenance and excessive speeding."