LIVONIA, MI -  ROUSH Performance introduced a new Phased R2300 ROUSHcharger lineup that allows a growth of horsepower and torque through the life of the unit. Owners can start at a base "Phase 1" level and grow to "Phase 2" and finally "Phase 3" as time, budget, and desire allows.

"The concept of being able to start at one level and over time increase the horsepower and torque is really unique in the automotive world, and something that I see as becoming very popular with Mustang owners," said Jack Roush. "It used to be that when you chose a supercharger you were pretty much stuck with what you got, but these new Phased ROUSHchargers allow for a relatively simple upgrade process which offers major increases in horsepower."

ROUSH will offer several variations for 2005-2010 Mustangs in both single-belt and dual-belt configurations. This allows the buyer to choose a core system and the starting horsepower level. The biggest choice is the single- or dual-belt configuration as you can only upgrade within that platform and not change from one to the other.

In a dual-belt system the supercharger is isolated from the other FEAD components such as the alternator and water pump. This allows for a reduced belt length and the overall system inertia and demands on the belt tensioner is also greatly reduced. In turn, this provides better response when dynamic FEAD events occur, such as a hard first-second shift.

The SB Phase 1 R2300 ROUSHcharger starts at 475 horsepower (435 lb.-ft. torque) and has a suggested retail price of $5799.00. The SB Phase 2 model jumps to 550 horsepower (500 lb.-ft. torque) and retails at $6699.00. An upgrade between these models will retail for $1499.00. These are a single-belt models which offer a lower cost option.

The dual-belt FEAD system provides a significant improvement in the robustness which allows the system to confidently handle the higher level of power in the Phase 2 and 3 systems. The DB Phase 1 R2300 ROUSHcharger has 475 horsepower (435 lb.-ft. torque) and a suggested retail of $7,000, while the DB Phase 2 steps up to 550 horsepower (500 lb.-ft. torque) and comes in at $,7499.

For those wanting the most under the hood, the DB Phase 3 R2300 ROUSHcharger will push out 625 horsepower (565 lb.-ft. torque) and retail at $12,995. Kits to upgrade between the dual-belt phases are available and will range in price from $2,099 to $6,499. The highest horsepower Phase 3 is offered only in a dual-belt configuration.

ROUSH has long been recognized as the leader in Mustang Powertrain development, not only for the development of the hard parts, but even more importantly from the engine calibration. Our team works on calibrations for many OEM-vehicles and has a level of experience that is virtually second to none in the industry, and this is a prime factor in why the ROUSHcharger tends to run smoother and generate power through the entire curve. Each of the new Phased R2300 ROUSHchargers comes with a ROUSH calibration, something ROUSH has not previously offered.

All the Phased R2300 ROUSHchargers come with an air-to-water intercooler, and there is a 90-day parts only warranty of both the SB and DB Phase 1 and 2 ROUSHchargers. The DB Phase 3 carries a 3-year/36,000 mile warranty from the vehicle's original in-service date, or 12-months/12,000 miles on cars already past this mark.