GRANDVIEW, MO - Maxi-Seal Harness Systems, a subsidiary of Peterson Manufacturing, announced its achievement of ISO 9001:2008 certification - the internationally recognized standard affirming that a company's quality management systems meet the highest qualifications.

Known for its custom-engineered wiring harness/lighting systems, Maxi-Seal is committed to maximizing value in the quality, cost and service it provides customers. Earning the prestigious ISO certification demonstrates that Maxi-Seal has the systems and procedures in place to support its commitment.

"Our ISO motivation isn't just to satisfy certain standards or to meet customer demands," said Tom Umscheid, Peterson Director of Corporate Quality. "The goal is to make our company better by continually measuring our performance and finding areas to improve. ISO standards give us a formalized system for measuring, so we can spot problems and solve them. I call it 'killing the alligators'--eliminating problems before they get big and have babies."

The ISO 9001:2008 standard outlines globally accepted requirements for ensuring a consistent level of quality in company operations, products, and services. From product design all the way through to final delivery, product support, and customer feedback, ISO touches everything.

"It takes total commitment," said Umscheid. "New systems and procedures. Training everyone in ISO elements and their personal responsibilities. And constant focus on measurable improvement and documenting the evidence to meet our own internal audits as well as ISO's."

ISO certification involves more than a one-time achievement of standards. It requires a company to maintain certification by ever improving its performance and by verifying its improvements through scheduled audits conducted by independent agencies.

"Achieving certification clearly substantiates our stated commitment to continual improvement," said Tim Barnett, Maxi-Seal General Manager. "Going through the ISO process really transformed our company and has positioned us to be a world-class manufacturer for many years to come."

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Peterson Manufacturing, Maxi-Seal is a leading maker of custom-engineered wiring harness systems supplying OEMs across a wide range of vehicular and other industries worldwide.