CHICAGO - Spare tire theft is becoming an increasing problem for auto dealerships and fleets who own SUVs, pickups, and vans. For vehicles with a spare tire attached to the undercarriage vehicles, SPARE SHIELD (U.S. PATENT PENDING 12/362,172) can save you hundreds of dollars in replacement and repairs, according to the manufacturer.

In less than 30 seconds, a potential thief can cut the cable or chain that attaches your spare tire to your vehicle. SPARE SHIELD deters theft by shielding the most vulnerable part of a spare tire undermount assembly, without tools, chains, or complicated installations, according to the manufacturer.

Fleet Management

  • Avoid technicians being stranded roadside realizing the spare was stolen.
  • Save thousands of dollars replacing spare tires and rims annually.
  • Save thousands of dollars annually by keeping technicians at work.
  • Save thousands of dollars annually in towing fees.
  • Less insurance claims equate to lower annual premiums.
  • Increase corporate efficiency.
  • May be reused on future vehicles.

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