ALPHARETTA, GA - AmeriFleet Transportation, the Atlanta-based industry leader in total logistics solutions and transportation services to the fleet management and corporate fleet industry, announced the enhancement of their Complete Asset Recovery service with PDMA (Prescription Drug Marketing Act) certification.

The new level of service is designed to meet the unique needs of customers requiring vehicle recoveries when there are pharmaceutical samples covered by the "Prescription Drug Marketing Act" and other valuable assets in the vehicle. These assets would include, but are not limited to items such as credit, fuel, maintenance and phone cards; employee security badges; cell phone, PDA, fax machines, laptops; tools, equipment, uniforms, and marketing materials and promotional items and pharmaceutical samples.

AmeriFleet works closely with all involved parties to coordinate a seamless process. Pickup of the vehicle and assets, safe storage, and redeployment or disposal to meet exact needs is included in the service.  AmeriFleet will collect, label, record, package, and return valuable assets. 

Created to help minimize risk, reduce loss, and ensure proper return of valuable assets, Complete Asset Recovery utilizes a streamlined process for vehicles and other assets to be picked up and handled according to company specifications in the safest, most efficient manner. 

 "Vehicle recovery in a sensitive environment requires a certified and documented process" said John Norris, president, AmeriFleet Transportation. "As a result of our in-depth work in the pharmaceutical and other industries, we created the Complete Asset Recovery service as a solution for these complex projects."

"As AmeriFleet employees, we complete extensive background checks on our Service Delivery Professionals," said Juan Perez, VP of operations, AmeriFleet Transportation. "Our skilled professionals with training beyond what is required by industry standards, can offer an unparalleled asset recovery service for the industry."

PDMA certification requires exhaustive backgrounds checks, intensive initial training with ongoing annual re-certification and testing.

While AmeriFleet's highly trained and vetted SDPs are certified for PDMA, the Complete Asset Recovery service is applicable to other customers with sensitive and complex needs and not limited to the pharmaceutical industry.

Key features of the new service include a single point of contact for the entire project, complete coordination with compliance partner; secure vehicle storage, safe, timely return of assets, comprehensive project reporting and experience handling of sensitive materials.  Customer benefits include reduced administration, increased productivity and reduced cost.

For a case study on AmeriFleet's work with a pharmaceutical company to handle more than 600 vehicles with drug samples during a downsizing effort visit Amifleet's website.