ALEXANDRIA, VA - TRALA is aggressively opposing Rhode Island legislation that would require payment of a $40 annual fee for the registration of every trailer used for the transportation of persons or of household goods in the state. Rhode Island Senate bill 2740, sponsored by Senator Roger Picard, would apply to trailers rented to consumers and small businesses in the state of Rhode Island.

The proposed $40 annual registration fee for trailers used for the transportation of household goods is approximately 700-percent higher than similar Rhode Island registration fees for commercially used trailers. In a letter to the bill's sponsors, Senator Picard, TRALA explained that the new $40 registration fee would negatively impact Rhode Island residents and small businesses at a time when many are in transition due to economic reasons and need rental trailers to move property.

To see a copy of Rhode Island Senate Bill 2740, please click here. To see a copy of a letter from TRALA to Senator Picard, please click here. For more information about Rhode Island Senate Bill 2740, contact TRALA's Joe Sculley at or by calling (703) 299-9120.