MINNEAPOLIS - Effective immediately, Hauler Racks and ProRac Systems are now one company. Through the merger, the companies expect to offer customers a wider range of products than ever before. Hauler Racks offers commercial racks and accessories as well as lifestyle racks and accessories to help cover all of your customer's needs.

Invoices will have both Hauler Racks and ProRac Systems names on them. By keeping both names we can distinguish commercial racks with Hauler Racks and lifestyle racks with ProRac Systems. All customer service personnel can handle the complete line when you call to order or need any other type of assistance.

At this time, both company Web sites are still available: www.haulerracks.com and www.prorac.com. Each has a link to the other site.

Contact 800-843-5445 or sales@haulerracks.com, if you have any questions or for more information.