GLENVIEW, IL - In an industry-first enhancement to its widely adopted OnlineAVL2 fleet tracking and management software, Navman Wireless today introduced an interactive drilldown report on fleet performance that allows managers to move from a summary view to the vehicle level in a few clicks for faster analysis and troubleshooting. The new Version 9.3 also features two dozen other upgrades that aid in optimizing fleet operations, including other reporting improvements, new map usability features, and support for fleets serving 10 times more customers than before.
The enhancements extend the benefits that have made OnlineAVL2 one of the leading GPS-based fleet management solutions in the world, with deployments on five continents that are helping companies reduce fuel usage, trim other operating costs, improve fleet productivity and maximize customer service. Highlights of the 9.3 release include:
·   Drilldown report, enabling users to access key performance metrics at the fleet, vehicle group and individual vehicle levels without having to run multiple reports. Data such as total in-use hours, travel time, distance driven, stop time, idle time, number of stops and number of idles can be viewed at any level - including region, subregion, and even month, week and day for individual vehicles - simply by clicking. This speeds problem analysis and resolution.
·   Detachable map, allowing full-screen display of OnlineAVL2's map on a monitor or plasma screen independent of the program's vehicle activity information. This new option - easily activated by clicking a Detach Map button in the program's toolbar - allows the map required by operations personnel to be separated from the vehicle activity/message data needed by dispatchers if desired.
·   Vehicle color coding, making map icons instantly identifiable by vehicle type such as service, distribution, region and any other designation. This simplifies dispatch and operations tasks such as determining the closest appropriate vehicle for a job, particularly in larger fleets with multiple vehicle categories.

·   Map bookmarks, permitting users to save frequently used map views such as major customer locations or geofenced business zones for faster access. This new Map View feature makes it possible to quickly navigate to a previously defined map view from a map menu item similar to Favorites on a browser.
·   'Recently Used' reports, enabling users to retrieve their most commonly used reports without browsing the entire OnlineAVL2 reports list.  
·   Support for 10,000 customer sites per fleet, up from 1,000 in previous versions, to allow use of OnlineAVL2 by larger fleet operations.

All upgrades are included with new product purchases at no extra charge and provided free to current customers, either on request or during the next scheduled automatic software update.

"This new release of OnlineAVL2 expedites information access for fleet managers and operators in a variety of ways for even better insight into their fleet activities and performance," said Renaat Ver Eecke, Vice President, Navman Wireless North America. "For the first time, for example, users have the ability to drill down to a problem seen on a summary report and trace it to a specific vehicle and even a specific day in minutes. Innovations like these can play an important role in achieving new fleet efficiencies."