SPARTANBURG, SC - After six months of research and development, the Department of Agriculture Weights and Measures certified Oilmen's Truck Tanks' proprietary DEF pumping system. The approval process involved pumping over 300,000 gallons of DEF through Oilmen's system and road testing the unit.

After becoming aware of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) mandate that all diesel vehicles with engines greater than 3 liters of displacement manufactured after January 1, 2010 must be equipped to significantly lower NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions, Oilmen's Truck Tanks developed a delivery system to deliver ultra pure urea (more commonly known as diesel exhaust fluid or DEF). DEF is used to significantly lower NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions. Oilmen's recognized that it was crucial to incorporate components that are compatible with the unique properties of DEF and that purity throughout the delivery process is maintained.

Oilmen's system is composed of stainless steel components that meet ISO 22241 (International Organization for Standardization) specifications and are capable of pumping DEF at rates up to 80 GPM. Terra Environmental Technologies (TET), North America's largest DEF manufacturer, partnered with Oilmen's Truck Tanks to provide them with TerraCair DEF for weights and measures testing.

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