LOCKPORT, NY - Nicholas Sparks, a tow truck driver, was using two cell phones — texting on one and talking on another — when he crashed into a car, drove through a fence and into a house before finally ending up in a swimming pool, reported The Buffalo News.

According to Niagara County Chief Deputy Steven Priesch, 68-year old Lily White and her 8-year old great-niece Kiara McDowell were injured when the flatbed tow truck, towing two vehicles with two motorcycles on the bed, crashed into their car. White suffered head injuries, while McDowell was treated for wrist injuries.

The 25-year old Sparks admitted to both texting and talking when he hit the car, which was stopped to make a turn. Witnesses told Niagara County sheriff's officials Sparks did not stop, slow down, or brake when turning, reported Buffalo News.

After the collision with White's car, the flatbed went through a yard and sideswiped a house, with one of the towed vehicles hitting the house, then continued through a privacy fence and into the in-ground pool.

Sparks was reportedly charged with reckless driving, talking on a cell phone, and following too closely. Preisch said deputies will be seizing his two cell phones and will request search warrants for the phone records to verify allegations the driver was talking on the phone, according to the Buffalo News.