TROY, MI – Delphi Corporation provides audio systems with multi-functionality aimed to meet the needs of commercial truck drivers, manufacturers, and fleet owners, according to MarketWire.

“Our aim is to offer the industry’s best driver environment,” says Christer Pehrsson, business area manager for long-haul operations at Volvo Trucks. “This naturally includes a high-class audio system. Our new Delphi audio system offers many features and has enabled Volvo to be the first truck maker to develop a complete system that integrates Bluetooth, MP3, USB, and iPod.”

In addition to high-quality sound, Delphi audio systems equipped with Bluetooth technology allow the driver to use a personal Bluetooth-enabled mobile telephone in the vehicle hands-free. Incoming calls appear on the radio display and voice is heard through the radio speakers.

Delphi audio systems include CD players that accept regular CDs and discs with files saved in MP3 and WMA format. They also include a USB port that allows drivers to play memory sticks or MP3 players. The system features command and control of an iPod from the steering wheel. It also recharges the plug-in player and has a location to keep the MP3 player hidden to help prevent theft.

“Over the years, radios have evolved into multifunctional audio communication systems,” Erickson said. “Using core building blocks, we can custom fit the features and functions that are important to a particular customer and offer the system at a very competitive price.”

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