The annual Ideal Vehicle Awards (IVA) were recently announced by automotive research and consulting firm AutoPacific.

The owners rate their new 2008 model year cars and trucks by how closely they come to their ideal, as measured by 15 key vehicle attributes. The cars or trucks that owners would change the least are the most ideal.

2008 Ideal Premium Brand: Porsche

2008 Ideal Mainstream Brand: Ford

2008 Ideal Product Segment: Large Crossover SUV

Top-rated 2008 Ideal Vehicles:

Passenger Cars:

Premium Luxury Car: Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Aspirational Luxury Car: Cadillac CTS/Volvo C70

Large Luxury Car: Mercury Grand Marquis

Large Car: Mercury Sable

Luxury Mid-Size Car: Volvo S40

Premium Mid-Size Car: Buick LaCrosse/Chevrolet Malibu

Mid-Size Car: Ford Fusion

Image Compact Car: Volvo C30

Compact Car: Volkswagen Rabbit

Economy Car: Nissan Versa

Premium Sports Car: Porsche 911/Cayman/Boxster

Sports Car: Mazda MX-5 Miata

Sporty Car: Ford Mustang

Pickups, SUVs, and Minivans:

Large Light-Duty Pickup: Ford F-150/Chevrolet Silverado

Large Heavy-Duty Pickup: Ford Super Duty

Compact Pickup: Ford Explorer Sport Trac

Luxury Sport Utility: Lincoln Navigator

Large Sport Utility: Ford Expedition EL

Premium Mid-Size Sport Utility: Chevrolet Trail Blazer/Toyota 4Runner/GMC Envoy

Mid-Size Sport Utility: Kia Sorento/Jeep Liberty

Compact SUV/Off-Road Vehicle: Suzuki Grand Vitara

Premium Luxury Crossover SUV: Audi Q7

Luxury Crossover SUV: Buick Enclave

Large Crossover SUV: Ford Taurus X

Premium Mid-Size Crossover SUV: Ford Edge

Mid-Size Crossover SUV: Ford Escape   

Compact Crossover SUV: Subaru Forester

Minivan: Toyota Sienna/Hyundai Entourage

Additional information can be found on AutoPacific's websites: and