ATLANTA -- Coca-Cola Co. and two of its bottlers are bringing more hybrids into their fleet in an effort to save money on fuel and to contribute to sustainability initiatives, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. About 325 of Coca-Cola’s 800 cars and SUVs are hybrid vehicles, and the company plans to have all 800 vehicles changed to hybrids by the end of next year.

The company’s two largest U.S. bottlers, Coca-Cola Enterprises and Coca-Cola Consolidated, have also increased the number of hybrids in their fleets. Coca-Cola Enterprises has 30 hybrids in its fleet and has added 140 diesel-electric hybrid delivery trucks, said The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Coca-Cola Consolidated has 400 hybrids.

Hybrid models used by the companies include the Toyota Prius and the hybrid versions of the Saturn Vue, Toyota Camry, Toyota Highlander and Ford Escape. The companies benefit from having a visible way to show customers they’re taking measures to support the environment.

With gas prices so high, Coke hoped that the new hybrids would cut fuel costs. Coca-Cola Enterprises found that their hybrid trucks cut both emissions and fuel consumption by about a third, said The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Coca-Cola Consolidated is benefiting from having hybrids in its fleet but said that high fuel costs are still taking their toll. Coke estimates the hybrid sedans are saving the company about $1,100 a year, and its hybrid SUVs are saving it $800 a year.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet