TROY, MI – Hare Express, Inc., a just-in-time delivery service to the automotive industry, has exceeded 100 million miles without an engine oil change using the puraDYN oil filtration system. Hare Express operates a fleet of 150 over-the-road trucks and 230 tractor trailers.

Hare Express began installing puraDYN systems on its fleet of trucks in early 1999, and since that time has not had a single oil-related engine failure. By following the company’s guidelines for changing the Puradyn replacement filter and sampling the engine oil instead of changing it, the Hare Express fleet has operated trouble-free continuous operations for the nine years. All oil samples confirmed that the engine oil was good for continued use and did not need to be changed, even as other engine components required servicing.

“Puradyn has saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the fleet by virtually eliminating the purchase of lube oil and significantly reducing the handling and cost of waste oil disposal, “ said Ross Hare, president, Hare Express, Inc. “The engines remain clean, perform at peak levels, last longer, and the overall maintenance costs have been drastically reduced.”

Considering Hare Express would normally require 30,000-mile oil drains, they’ve saved more than 60,000 gallons of oil. They’ve also performed extensive fuel consumption measurements and consistently achieve a two to three percent fuel savings.