EDEN PRAIRIE, MN – GE Capital Solutions Fleet Services has added Point-of-Interest information uploading and Geofencing functionality to its Telematics product. Point-of-Interest information in combination with Geofence technology provides precise monitoring of a vehicle’s location, records all entry and exit of vehicles from predetermined boundaries, and promotes notification when these events occur.

In addition to reporting the status and location of a vehicle and driver, GE’s Telematics product takes it one step further and makes it possible for customers to upload Point-of-Interest information, such as a customer’s list of important addresses. GE provides customers with reports on how frequently the vehicle stopped at a Point-of-Interest, how long the vehicle stayed at a Point-of-Interest, and if the visit to the Point-of-Interest took place during working hours or after hours. This additional functionality will help GE customers in effectively meeting their customers’ service needs while managing both driver and asset utilization.

Customers have anytime access to comprehensive, customized Telematics reporting through my.Dashboard and my.Reports, GE’s Web-based reporting applications. Two Point-of-Interest reports have been added to complement existing real-time performance data and scheduling/routing reporting functionality. In addition, my.Reports includes run-by-date reporting features and in-depth customization for detailed vehicle reporting and analysis.

GE’s Telematics product combines both asset optimization with workforce productivity. Asset optimization provides vehicle location (GPS/GIS) functionality and reports, such as key performance indicators, exceptions, and alerts that are focused on fleet operating and lifecycle costs. These metrics range from fuel consumption savings opportunities to excessive engine idling. Workforce productivity provides scheduling and route optimization of the workforce. Capabilities include vehicle location tracking and exception monitoring.