VANCOUVER, WA – Safefreight has launched a portable, wireless tracking and security device — the SecurityGuard 212. With this device, refrigerated and frozen foods in the supply chain can be monitored with greater ease, according to the Web site With the compact GPS tracking device, there is no installation cost. Fleet operators can monitor and control pre-set temperatures, trailer location, and maintenance schedules in real time across multiple networks.

The Safefreight’s SmartFleet System enables the collection of security and location information via a portable GPS tracking device. Communications are carried out wirelessly by cellular or satellite and delivered to the customer through Safefreight’s online fleet management application, SmartFleet Manager. With the help of this system, fleet managers and other key personnel can instantly identify any risks to their perishable cargo that may arise due to temperature abuse.

Safefreight’s solution is “exception” based. The system monitors and offers alerts for three different temperature zones inside a refrigerated trailer. Shippers can have visibility over their products within the supply chain due to the device’s portability and flexibility. With this alternative, they can retrofit their entire fleet with a permanent fixed mounted solution.