ATLANTA – KonaWare Inc., a wireless software applications provider for logistics, field service, and telematics, and ORTEC, a provider of advanced planning and scheduling software, have come together to offer an end-to-end solution for fleet routing, dispatch, and mobile communication.

ORTEC has integrated KonaWare’s Transport Pick-up & Delivery functionality with ORTEC’s route optimization and dispatch solution. According to Michael Van Duijn, managing partner of ORTEC,” By adding KonaWare functionality, we can offer our customers even greater, real-time supply chain visibility, at the edge of their enterprise, resulting in a more efficient dispatch operation and a vast choice of mobile hardware platforms.”

The addition of KonaWare Transport functionality to ORTEC’s routing and dispatch optimization solution will help customers reduce headcount, paper handling (scanning, data-entry) costs, and unmanifested freight issues, according to the company.