Fontaine Modification to Offer Samsara Hardware Installation

Photo: Samsara

Fontaine Modification is now offering installation of Samsara hardware, including Vehicle Gateways, Asset Gateways, AI dash cams, and Environmental Monitors. The hardware can be installed at Fontaine’s nine locations across the U.S.

Samsara Vehicle Gateways are advanced sensor platforms for fleets, providing operators with real-time location and analytics, sensor data, WiFi hotspot connectivity, and ELD-ready hours of service logging. Samsara Asset Gateways are designed to monitor high-value mobile assets, such as refrigerated trailers and heavy equipment, to improve operating efficiency, theft recovery, and more.

Samsara AI dash cams use artificial intelligence and computer vision to detect near-misses, road signs, and high-risk driver behavior. Samsara Environmental Monitors offer wireless and waterproof data-logging with temperature and humidity sensors for environments that rely on this data to maintain quality or compliance.

“Partnering with Fontaine will make hardware installation even easier and faster for our customers, which gives them more time to focus on their deployment, driver training, and perfecting the processes needed to deliver value to their organization,” said Elizabeth Yackley, Samsara senior implementation consultant.  

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