Ford Warriors in Pink® and GoRide Health are teaming up to help ensure breast cancer patients...

Ford Warriors in Pink® and GoRide Health are teaming up to help ensure breast cancer patients get the treatment they need by offering complimentary rides to medical appointments for the rest of 2019.

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GoRide Health is a non-emergency medical transportation service. To help ease burdens for patients including post-surgery driving restrictions and assistance, GoRide Health and Ford Warriors in Pink are teaming up to offer complimentary rides to breast cancer patients through the end of the year.

“It was a huge relief for me to have a service like GoRide Health help me travel to and from my appointments,” said Stephanie, a seven-year breast cancer survivor. “It’s not just that I didn’t have to worry about driving myself; GoRide also relieved me from the mental stress of asking friends and family to take off work and drive me to treatment.”

GoRide Health and Ford Warriors in Pink will provide unlimited rides to support breast cancer patients in its current service areas in the Ohio commununities of Cleveland, Dayton, Toledo, Cincinnati, as well as the Detroit metro areas. The complimentary transportation service will expand to new markets as GoRide Health launches in new cities.

Securing transportation can be especially challenging for breast cancer patients because finding a car is often only half the battle. Treatments such as chemotherapy can leave patients feeling fatigued or dealing with side effects such as neuropathy, which can make it challenging for them to drive. Programs such as GoRide can help eliminate mobility barriers and help ensure patients are able to access the health services they need.

“Transportation to treatment may seem like a small thing or ‘a given,’ but unfortunately, for many people it’s not,” said Anika Brown, chief marketing officer, GoRide Health. “Our collaboration with Warriors in Pink gets right to the heart of GoRide Health's purpose: To make healthcare more accessible to those who need it most, and to do so with a service built around empathy and care.

“Through the Warriors in Pink collaboration we'll be able to remove at least one burden from patients and families – and we'll do it with compassion.”

Whether patients need to get to doctor appointments, treatment services or the pharmacy, GoRide Health will help transport them where they need to go with safe and reliable service. As part of this complimentary ride service, patients will also be able to take one other companion, such as a family member or caregiver, with them in the GoRide vans.

All ride costs are covered by Ford Warriors in Pink. Ford Warriors in Pink is dedicated to helping those touched by breast cancer, through actions that support, inspire and empower patients, survivors and co-survivors throughout their journey. Over the last 25 years, Ford has contributed more than $137 million to the cause through Warriors in Pink.

“Lack of transportation is one of the biggest challenges that breast cancer patients face, and as an automotive manufacturing company we are excited to help patients break through this obstacle,” said Jim Peters, spokesperson for Ford Warriors in Pink. “Our goal is to make sure patients never miss critical appointments due to unreliable transportation, and we’re committed to doing our share to ensure our warriors have the access they need for great care.”

In operation since 2017, GoRide Health uses professionally trained drivers to transport patients to and from medical appointments, achieving short wait times for patients and a 98% YTD on-time rate. In addition to curb-to-curb service, GoRide drivers are trained to offer room-to-room service for patients that need additional care.

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