The AC30-53T features a 6,000-pound maximum lift capacity. 
 -  Photo courtesy of Altec

The AC30-53T features a 6,000-pound maximum lift capacity.

Photo courtesy of Altec 

The AC30-53T is a tractor-mounted telescopic boom truck crane with a 53-foot boom and a 60,000-pound maximum lift capacity. Key features include a lowest in-class fifth wheel, a low auxiliary outrigger profile, and integrated trailer supply hoses.

The low auxiliary outrigger profile enables the operator to set up the crane regardless of trailer positioning, and the three-position main outriggers allow for easy setup in tight job sites. The AC30-53T also offers the safest solution for accessing the trailer from the operator’s station. Wide walk-through control stations give the operator nearly two feet of clear space to step up onto a trailer.

Additionally, the AC30-53T uses a lift cylinder stop in place of a traditional boom stow. When a trailer is not attached, this allows the boom to stow to the back of the unit easily.

The crane’s Load Moment & Area Protection (LMAP) offers improved operator safety — the system uses the position of the outriggers to automatically select the crane’s load chart and prevents the boom from swinging into a zone that does not have sufficient capacity for the load. The system is user-friendly and displays the load on hook, rated capacity percentage, boom length and angle, load radius, and operator-defined protection with audible alarms.

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