Nationwide Enters Telematics Market with Distracted Driving Solution

Photo via U.S. Air Force. 

Nationwide is launching Vantage 360 Fleet, a telematics solution offering a mobile monitoring feature to detect phone distraction. Offered at no additional charge to members, the mobile app, Bluetooth Tag, and web portal system are designed to help fleet managers identify risky driving behaviors and keep their vehicles and drivers safe.

The telematics solution is being launched to combat distracted drivers coupled with driver shortages, increased fuel and business costs, retaining good drivers, and keeping up with regulations, Nationwide said.

The application is integrated to capture data on vehicles, driver location, performance, and route to be able to track drivers who practice safe driving and those who deviate from baseline goals.

Nationwide will offer Vantage 360 Fleet through its agents beginning in South Carolina in July and expand to additional states through 2020.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet