Casey’s General Stores, Inc., has launched the Casey’s Business Mastercard - a fleet management and fuel incentive program for fleets of two or more vehicles.

Casey’s Business Mastercard is available to companies with two or more vehicles and over-the-road drivers – which is a unique fuel-card feature but one that caters to Casey’s loyal customer base which is in the two to five or five to 10 vehicle range.

“We designed the Casey’s Business Mastercard as more of a fuel management program rather than just a fuel card for fleets,” said Nathaniel Doddridge, Casey’s Director of Fuels. “In addition to great fuel incentives, it also helps the fleet managers or owners, and over-the-road drivers by providing detailed reporting, individual spending controls, and the convenience of being able to use it any of the 175,000 fueling locations in the U.S. that accept Mastercard.”

Traditionally, smaller companies are left out of fleet programs because they’re generally contracted by usage, or number of gallons per period and a customer with two to three trucks won’t qualify for those incentive programs, or the resulting data and information, according to the company.

Casey’s Business Mastercard helps managers and owners by allowing them to set individual spending limits by day, week, or month. Additionally, when the card is used at a fuel station, prompts can be set to ask for vehicle or driver number prior to purchase. This data provides detailed tracking, and compiles reports and information that can be accessed online 24/7 to help make it easier to manage fuel expenses. Lost or stolen cards can also be shut off at any time.

In an effort to be the ultimate one-and-done fuel card, Casey’s Business Mastercard can be used at any of the over 2,100 Casey’s General Store locations as well as any other fueling location where Mastercard is accepted. “We realize that heavy-duty vehicles need more space than some of our locations offer, and we wanted to ensure that that growing part of our customer base would be happy with the new program,” explained Doddridge.

Fuel incentives are also a major component of the Casey’s Business Mastercard program. Using it at Casey's General Store locations, businesses can save up to six cents in rebates per gallon on gas and diesel fuel.

The Casey’s Business Mastercard application form can be found online and only takes a few minutes to complete. Most customers are credit approved by the next business day and in most instance, the new cards are in the hands of the fleet within two weeks.

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