Geotab has added three telematics solutions for asset tracking, preventive maintenance, and driver behavior to its Marketplace platform, the Toronto-based telematics provider has announced.

Mobile apps from Digital Matter, Optimum Fleet Health, and Movon join the ecosystem of mobile apps and software add-ons for fleet managers.

Digital Matter is offering its Remora and Oyster battery-powered asset tracking devices that use cellular GPS tracking for non-powered assets such as trailers, shipping containers, and construction equipment. The devices provide detailed information about the history and location of an asset as wel as geofence-based alerts. The devices meet the IP67 standard for extreme weather conditions.

Optimum Fleet Health's VRx solution provides predictive maintenance information so fleets can reduce downtime. VRx identifies and alerts fleet managers to emerging and unseen issues with their vehicles and provides weekly or real-time reports. It uses fault-code analytics.

Movon's Driver Assistance Systems is an advanced driver assistance system with an embedded dashcam feature that provides notifications and greater visibility into driver behavior. It includes a forward warning collision system, time-to-collision alerts, and lane departure warnings.

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