Graph courtesy of Utilimarc

Graph courtesy of Utilimarc

The cost for utility fleets to buy a light-duty bucket truck has risen significantly in the past nine years, according to newly released data from Utilimarc.

The company analyzed data from 50 benchmarking clients, representing more than 5,200 light-duty bucket trucks less than 26,000 lbs. GVWR.

It found that the average purchase price of light-duty bucket trucks has been steadily increasing nearly every year. The average cost was $92,571 in 2008. In 2016, purchase price had risen to $148,974, or a 61% increase. The average purchase price across nine years was $124,144.

The company found that operating cost (without fuel) increases more than expected as the vehicles age. In its first year, bucket truck operating costs average $0.31 per mile, a number that rises to $1.19 per mile by year 10. This represents a $0.88 per mile increase over the 10-year period.

Graph courtesy of Utilimarc

Graph courtesy of Utilimarc

However, bucket trucks are staying out of the shop longer. In 2012, the average number of days between unscheduled demand/repairs was 22.9 days. In 2016, this had risen to 31.3 days, an increase of 36.7%.

Annual utilization between 2012 and 2016 is fairly steady, averaging 17,224 miles per year. The average age of bucket trucks also remained steady during this time period, averaging 5.42 years across the five-year period.

To view additional data and charts, visit the Utilimarc website.

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