Fairbanks Scales, Inc., a provider of truck weighing technology, released the Portable Axle Load Scale (PALS). PALS is a cost-effective weighing solution when application requirements comply with accurate, non-commercial vehicle axle weights, according to the manufacturer.

Fairbanks’ PALS eliminates the need for a pier or slab foundation. It is constructed in a sub-frame, requiring only a flat, unyielding surface to install and complete the unit. This makes it possible to install PALS on concrete or asphalt already in place, saving time and money, according to the manufacturer. With single-day installation and no foundation, a change in process, traffic flow, or location is easily accommodated by PALS flexible design.

PALS is fabricated out of USA extruded structural steel members, with scale ramps constructed to the same standards as the weighbridge. Ramps come standard in a full-width design that accommodates wheelbases for most highway vehicles. Each of the four stainless steel load cells is designed to handle extra-heavy loads, with a capacity of 50,000 pounds. The cells are aligned through factory installation, eliminating potential weighing errors.

This scale operates in a wide range of applications from moving and shipping to light manufacturing. It is built with anticipated daily weights of 50 trucks or less and has an ultra-low 6-inch profile. Fairbanks’ PALS is the number one choice for affordability and flexibility.