VCMS II, the next generation of vehicle control and power modules from InPower, a full-service provider of electrical systems solutions for work trucks, are now available.

These modules are fully programmable to provide maximum control, flexibility and value whether part of a networked system or as stand-alone units. They can be configured to operate a wide range of auxiliary vehicle equipment such as fans, compressors, lighting, pumps, heaters, lifts, beacons, motors and power takeoffs.

"Our VCMS II modules are now more compact than ever, which is ideal in typical space-limited situations,” said John Melvin, InPower's Vice President of Engineering. "Because they are modular and easily expandable, they are more flexible and cost-effective than hard-wired relay systems or cumbersome multiplex systems."

Available VCMS II products include several sizes of switch modules (with user-customizable backlit switch legends), power modules with eight programmable inputs and eight 12V DC power outputs, as well as a radio frequency (RF) receiver module with key fob.

All VCMS II modules utilize Molex MX-150 series sealed connectors for a rugged and protected wiring installation, and DC power outputs with overcurrent and a short-circuit fault shutdown protection.

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