When looking for a flexible, yet customizable storage system for the back of your truck that combines maximum security with optimum convenience...look no further than Steelweld's MidBox.

The MidBox provides 26.3 cubic feet of secured storage, holding up to 500 pounds of payload inside.

The best way to finish off your MidBox is to add a Steelweld Commercial Grade Topper. Steelweld's toppers are customizable to satisfy your storage requirements. Combining the MidBox with one of our Toppers will deliver a complete storage solution that is accessible while standing on your feet. Tired of head and knee injuries from crawling through the back of your van...MidBox is a complete solution.

  • Convenience-MidBox is inconspicuously located behind the cab and in front of the Pickup bed.
  • Accessible-MidBox is 100% accessible from both sides of the vehicle without crawling.
  • Safety-Both sides lock for secure storage using the same key that operates the vehicle. And unlike cross-boxes, MidBox offers 360 degree visibility.
  • Innovation-MidBox has so many exclusive features that it simply cannot be compared with other offerings.
  • Functionality-Customize the MidBox according to your business needs with drawers, bed-slides and shelving.
  • Durability-Rugged construction, heavy duty automotive seals, rust resistant steel construction, OEM door latches and hardware. All designed and built to meet and exceed rigid OEM production and performance criteria.