Adrian Steel's LoadsRite Drop-Down Ladder Rack for the low-roof Ford Transit cargo van. Photo courtesy of Adrian Steel.

Adrian Steel's LoadsRite Drop-Down Ladder Rack for the low-roof Ford Transit cargo van. Photo courtesy of Adrian Steel.

When working in construction and other service industries, hauling ladders from fleet vehicles can be tiring and even dangerous. If you are shorter or nursing an injury, loading and unloading a ladder can be much more difficult, especially if your company uses high-roof fleet vans.

Since you can’t stop using your ladder, what can make this part of your job easier? How can your company streamline its ladder usage in a cost-effective and efficient way? Consider installing ladder racks on fleet vehicles.

Benefits of Ladder Racks

As a necessary tool in many service and construction industries, it’s important to keep ladders safe and secure while driving. Here are some advantages to using ladder racks on fleet vehicles:

  • More cargo space: Ladder racks provide more space in a fleet vehicle’s interior and eliminate the need to store ladders in the back of a van or truck bed. By using a ladder rack, there will be more interior space for storing other tools and equipment.
  • Reduced injury risk: Using a ladder rack makes loading and unloading safer. For example, by eliminating the need to haul a ladder in and out of a vehicle, the hydraulic EZ Load Ladder Rack reduces the risk of back injury by doing the work for you. Additionally, the aluminum construction makes the rack lighter and helps fight corrosion.
  • Secure storage: Most ladders are expensive and heavy. Ladder racks secure the ladder tightly to the top of a fleet vehicle and eliminate slips and movement during your drive.
  • Increased productivity: Ladder racks increase productivity by streamlining ladder use. By reducing time spent loading and unloading a ladder, workers can remain focused on getting the job done.

What to Look For

Ladder racks aren’t all built the same. A quality ladder rack will have a larger price tag, but it will be more reliable and durable.

Ladder racks also come in many shapes and sizes. No matter the type of fleet vehicle you drive, there is a ladder rack suited to fit your vehicle’s needs. Here are some examples of popular models offered by Adrian Steel:

  • LoadsRite Drop-Down: This drop-down ladder rack makes it easier to raise and lower the ladder from the vehicle. The unique design keeps the ladder at a comfortable working height by positioning it diagonally.
  • EZ Load: The EZ load ladder rack has the capacity to lower a ladder down by 6 inches, making loading and unloading easier.
  • GripLock: The GripLock ladder rack is designed to firmly grip ladder rungs to prevent slipping and shifting during transport, which reduces the risk of potentially serious injury.
  • Utility Rack: This versatile rack can transport a variety of cargo, including different types of ladders.
  • Perimeter Rack: Designed especially for full-sized vans, perimeter racks are gutter mounted and require no drilling to install. They also include a slant-down rear section and rope hooks.
  • Ladder Keeper: This rack mounts the ladder to the ceiling of your van, which keeps it secure while inside the van.
  • Load Runner: Made specifically for pickup trucks, this rack is rated for the maximum load allowed by truck manufacturers.
  • LoadFlex: This is a pickup rack with easy-on, easy-off uprights, which can be removed if needed.