Think twice when you say this to the drive-through attendant, unless you’re looking for a super-sized waistline. The all-new 2007 Dodge Sprinter, however, wears that phrase well.

The 2007 Dodge Sprinter is longer, wider, taller, and more spacious than its predecessor, and offers more choices and features than ever before.

There are three basic Sprinter variations —a cargo or passenger van or an upfit-ready chassis cab. Sprinter is available in three vehicle lengths (233, 273, and 289 inches) on two new wheelbases of 144 inches or 170 inches (or 170 inches extended with a 15-inch longer rear overhang). It also boasts three interior roof height options: standard (65 inches), high (76 inches) and, new super (84 inches).

Add to that 23 color choices, and you’ve got a myriad of possibilities to fit your work application.

New standard features include a pallet-friendly cargo-sliding side door, power windows and locks, integrated wide-angle mirrors, clear-lens halogen H-7 headlamps, 16-inch wheels, tilt and height-adjustable steering wheel, seats with quick-release latches, CD radio, one-touch triple flash function turn signals and all-new adaptive electronic stability program (ESP).

All-new sliding cargo doors and rear doors have been developed for numerous versions, which also boasts a wide rear door that swings out 270 degrees.

The 2007 Dodge Sprinter is powered by a new 3.0L V-6 turbo diesel engine that gives 154 hp and maximum torque of 280 lb.-ft. at 1,200-2,400 rpm. (The optional 3.5L V-6 gas engine churns out 254 hp.)

How’s that for more of everything?

For a van that seats up to 10 or packs up to 600 cubic feet of cargo, we found the Sprinter to be surprisingly nimble. The turning radius is tight and backing into parking spaces, aided by the panoramic view and big side mirrors, is easy to handle.

The interior has a refined finish that belies its work van status. The cabin is quiet, which became especially noticeable after a comparison drive of a competitor’s van. The Ralph Kramden-style bus steering wheel has been replaced by a comfortable tilt wheel.

The Mercedes-inspired instrument panel displays your trip’s average miles per gallon. A survey of six Sprinter drivers revealed an average fuel economy of about 20 mpg. On an extended drive up the Southern California coast, the Sprinter averaged 18 mpg loaded with gear and people.

Even loaded, this van has plenty of power and torque, taking hills and passing other commercial vehicles with ease.

Though the Sprinter has sold more than 1.2 million units worldwide since its debut in 1995, the tall, thin hauler is still a novelty in a suburban parking lot. Business fleets take note: wrap a Sprinter with your company’s branding and watch heads turn.

Some 400 Dodge BusinessLink dealers sell the Sprinter. The Sprinter is also sold through Freightliner dealers.