Photo: Prestolite Electric

Photo: Prestolite Electric

Prestolite Electric, a supplier of high-output alternators to OEMs and the aftermarket, has been awarded standard position by Navistar on its International HX severe-duty vehicles.

Beginning in Dec. 2017, units from Prestolite’s family of Leece-Neville IdlePro and IdlePro Extreme heavy-duty alternators will be standard position on International HX series severe-duty trucks and IC Bus CE series school buses. In addition to the CE and HX Series, Prestolite Electric’s Leece-Neville products will continue to be standard position on International LT Series, RH Series, and Durastar models.

Under the agreement, HX severe-duty vehicles will be fitted with IdlePro 160-amp alternators. Also available for these trucks will be IdlePro 210-amp and 240-amp variants, as well as the IdlePro Extreme 325-amp alternator. New CE series buses will come standard with the IdlePro 210-amp alternator, while IdlePro 240-amp and IdlePro Extreme 325-amp models will be available as alternative options.

“International Truck and IC Bus relies on world-class power, and our IdlePro and IdlePro Extreme heavy-duty alternators are specially designed to get the best possible performance out of working vehicles operating in the most extreme conditions,” said Nick Laenen, vice president, North America, South America, Australia sales and marketing for Prestolite Electric. “We’re pleased to be awarded standard position by Navistar. We’re confident this will strengthen our relationship and serve as an example of our leadership in advanced rotating electrical technology.”

School buses and vehicles used in severe-duty applications combine normal vehicle operation with a variety of additional electrical draws, often at engine idle, according to Prestolite. Available in a wide range of amperages, IdlePro and IdlePro Extreme heavy-duty alternators are engineered to offer optimal output at low engine speeds.

Each unit includes a range of features, such as Prestolite’s Isolated Ground Technology, which prevents potentially severe electrolytic damage by reducing stray voltage in the engine block.

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