Photo of HUD courtesy of Sygic.

Photo of HUD courtesy of Sygic.

More than 1 million users have downloaded the Sygic Truck Navigation app on Android to use the navigation platform that's designed for trucks.

New users will now get the Head-up-Display (HUD) feature at no cost. This feature projects navigation information onto a driver's windshield, so the driver never has to take eyes off the road to look down at their navigation software. Sygic’s HUD feature gives drivers the full Sygic experience with features such as live traffic and turn-by-turn voice guidance.

Sygic Truck Navigation offers realistic 3D maps, accurate searching and precise route computing. Sygic Truck Navigation uses specially defined maps with specific features for larger vehicles that automatically avoid roads not suitable for trucks.

Drivers can choose the type of vehicle, define dimensions and weight and the navigation will automatically avoid low bridges and roads not suitable for the truck. The app also offers specialized features like points of interest, parking places, and gas stations suitable for trucks.

Originally posted on Trucking Info