Photo of 2018 Odyssey courtesy of Honda.

Photo of 2018 Odyssey courtesy of Honda.

The Honda Odyssey LX minivan and the Mercedes S65 AMG have topped's least and most expensive vehicles to insure rankings for 2017.

The Odyssey LX, which carries a retail price of $29,850, carries an average nationwide insurance rate of $1,112 for 2017.

“Being a favorite of mature parent drivers and having a great safety record avails it to cheaper insurance premiums,” says Penny Gusner,'s consumer analyst.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Mercedes S65 AMG has an insurance rate of $3,835, which is triple that of the Odyssey LX. 

Though Honda landed the top spot for least expensive cars to ensure, Jeep models primarily dominated the top 10 list, with the Jeep Renegade Sport and Wrangler Black Bear coming in at second and third place.

The Dodge GTS Viper lost its first-place ranking of most expensive vehicle to ensure this year to the Mercedes S65 AMG, landing in second place, followed by the Mercedes S63 AMG. Fiat-Chrysler has discontinued the Viper.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet